26 points of cheesy, creamy goodness

Okay, I did it. I can’t believe I did it. But I did and I enjoyed every…single…stinkin’…cheesy…creamy bite. One slow, and I mean slow, piece at a time.

Last night, my husband and I went out to eat…yes, again. We were celebrating his birthday again! This time, to my all-time favorite restaurant in town…Doolittles. Even though I love this restaurant, I have been avoiding it because I happened to check the restaurant’s website one time awhile back and lo and behold, it had not only the nutritional value of some of the entrees, but also the Weight Watchers points. YIKES! I was floored. Flabbergasted, really. It was kind of like sticker shock when you are out shopping. Yes, it was that bad.

Well, since that time, if I have gone there, I have stuck to salads with fat-free dressings on the side or the top sirloin, which I typically only eat half of because it’s a pretty big chaw of steak. In all reality, we have really cut down on going out to eat. One, it’s expensive. Two, you can’t really control how healthy your food is. Three, I can’t really control how much I eat because everything tastes so darn good. Four, the portions are huge. Five, for some reason I always order dessert. And the list goes on.

At Doolittles, some of my favorite meals are the pasta entrees. I am a huge fan of creamy, cheesy pasta dishes. I do make pasta at home on a somewhat regular basis. However, I don’t EVER mix in real cream or real cheese and, I buy my pasta online. I order pasta from Fiber Gourmet…www.fibergourmet.com. The pasta has 40 percent fewer calories than regular pasta and about 40 percent fewer "net carbs" than regular pasta. It also has 18 grams of fiber per serving, which is about 72 percent of your daily value. Wow, totally sounded like a commercial, didn’t I? I actually didn’t mean to do that, but I seriously love this pasta. The best part, actually there are two best parts…the first is that it only has two WW points per serving, versus four WW points for regular pasta and the second best part is that it TASTES GREAT!

So anyway, I have been craving the five cheese tortellini at Doolittles and last night, I finally had it. Even though I knew how many point it had, I still wanted it. I craved it bad. I savored every bite. I think that was the longest time I have ever taken to eat a meal. It seem to last forever. It was awesome.

I felt okay about eating it because I worked out yesterday morning for an hour and 15 minutes, which, by the way, was an AWESOME workout. LOVED IT! (Thanks again, Kristy! You are seriously rockin’!)

Then, this morning, I promptly logged all my points from last night…the tasty pasta dish, the wine and, of course, the dessert! My total for just my dinner yesterday? Let’s just say it wasn’t over 40!

One thought on “26 points of cheesy, creamy goodness

  1. Worth every bite, I’m sure! You can’t avoid treating yourself sometimes, otherwise it is hard to keep moving forward.


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