Why do we do it?

Last night, my husband, son and I decided to go out to dinner. It’s my husband’s birthday on Sunday and he received a certificate in the mail for a free birthday meal from a local restaurant that could be used anytime this month. So, we thought what the heck, we could celebrate early for his birthday and celebrate my son’s grades…they are all A’s and B’s! If you saw what his grades were last year, you would want to celebrate with us. We are so very, very, very proud of him!

Anyway, because we have been to this restaurant several times, I knew exactly what I was going to order. I knew for sure I wanted the sweet potato fries…yes, I know they are probably still deep fried, but OMG are they good! I love these things. Because I knew the fries weren’t entirely good for me, I ordered a plain hamburger to go with it…as in plain Jane. No bun. No mayo. No cheese. No bacon. Nothing. Just the burger. Oh, I did eat the tomato that came with it. My meal was awesome. I felt good about ordering it. I felt good after eating it. I did also sneak a couple of bites of my husband’s battered, deep-fried fish and a bite of my son’s gooey, cheesy, pasta dish. Both were spectacular. And a bite of each was all I needed.

Of course, after we were through eating, the waitress asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu and of course, I said yes. WHY? I don’t know. To torture myself, I guess. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid with a capital S.

I am a glutton (I previously had gluten..whoops!) for chocolate desserts, especially those that are a cake-like substance and oozes warm chocolate from the middle and are topped with anything whipped…whipped cream, whipped mousse, you get the picture. Now, I know that my son doesn’t eat this sort of thing, never has and probably never will. Lucky duck. And usually, my husband will eat half.

Nope, not tonight. He didn’t want any…said he was too stuffed. I practically begged him to tell me he would have at least a bite of it if I ordered the chocolatey, volcano of goodness. He never did concede. But, of course, I just had to order it anyway. Seriously, what was I thinking. I guess I wasn’t.

Do you think he had one bite? Nope, didn’t even touch it. Who do you think ate it? Yep, you’re right. It was me, myself and I. I ate almost the entire thing to myself. There was way too much whipped chocolate mousse on it so I scraped about half of it off. Oh, goody for me, right? Whatever.

I did, however, eat the whole cake part, the fudge part drizzled all over it and on the plate and the teeny, tiny two scoops of ice cream on the side of it. Yep, it was delicious. Yep, I felt like crap when I was done. Yep, I regretted it the minute I took the first bite. (But kept eating it anyway…aargh!) Yep, I know I shouldn’t have ordered it. 

And a big fat NOPE, I didn’t go home and exercise. Instead, I sat on my butt and watched the Biggest Loser. I guess I thought it would give me a little inspiration.

Maybe it did. I am meeting with my student trainer today. She sent me an e-mail yesterday that told me to dress in workout clothes and be prepared to sweat. I am so excited. Hopefully that chocolatey, heavenly, decadent dessert hasn’t found a permanent spot on my hips yet! It will hopefully be gone after tonight! Bring it on, Kristy. I am ready.

p.s. For once, I didn’t figure out the Weight Watchers points for what I ate. Again, stupid me. Maybe I will do that today. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Why do we do it?

  1. Am I the only one who finds irony in the fact that you replaced “glutton” with the word “gluten” in this post? Hah- Oh the fun of grammar. Seriously though, don’t beat yourself up. You still look great, chocolate or no chocolate!


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