A pain in the derriere

I had my first training session tonight with Kristy, my trainer. And as a reminder to those who are wondering about the cost…for right now, it is free. Kristy is a second-year student at the tech college…I am her practice client. She gets to use what she has learned in school on me, as in I get to be her guinea pig and I get a personalized training program…it’s a win-win for both of us. When she graduates and gets out into the real world as a personal trainer somewhere, then I will have to pay! 

Anyway, my session rocked. I feel so good…sore…but good. My butt cheeks, thighs and abs are already hurting – in an oh-so-good way – and it’s only been less than four hours since we finished. HELP! I think tomorrow I might be yelling, "Calgon, take me away!" I may have to keep the ibuprofen close by.

A couple of things I learned during the session is to always…and I mean ALWAYS…do your strength and/or weight training before you do your cardio work, as in treadmill, elliptical or bicycle. Kristy told me that if you do cardio first, basically your body will be too tired to do the strength training and you won’t be able to do as much or in proper form.

I also learned that you should always do warm up exercises before doing any workouts – strength or cardio. It warms up your muscles and gets them ready. You should also take a short pause – as in about 30 seconds – between each set of exercises. And drink plenty of water while working out.

Another thing I learned is that you should either wear flat shoes or no shoes at all when doing your strength training exercises, as in lunges, squats, weights, etc. It helps your back and spine to have flatter shoes. Totally did not know that information, but it completely made sense when she explained it to me.

As for my exercises, I liked…almost…everything. Those dang, nasty walking lunges with weights are not my favorite and boy did they burn, but like I said before…in an oh-so-good way. I liked the crunches with the big rubber ball, the tricep extensions and the other exercises that I can’t remember the names of. I did find out that I am not the most coordinated person…but I tried everything and finished everything and it felt great. I don’t know why I can’t seem to get myself to exercise on a regular basis. I love the feeling of exercising and I really love how I feel afterward. It’s just starting it that sucks.

Well, I can’t wait until our next meeting to see what Kristy has in store for me…at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning!

Now, if I just stay still, the pain in my derriere isn’t so bad! 

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