When I was a larger gal, I used to love wearing sweatshirts because I could hide beneath them. Now that I am not as large, I am starting not to like sweatshirts. That is very strange to me.

This summer, I had a garage sale and got rid of a lot of my larger clothes…which I had tons of. Now, I actually don’t have that many clothes that actually fit because everything I did have was way too big. I have done a little shopping, but not enough. For once, I actually need clothes instead of want clothes…at least in my mind anyway. My husband would probably beg to differ!

For work, I have to wear dress clothes, which I love, by the way. I have enough to get me by, for now. But when it comes to the weekends or for casual wear, I really don’t have anything. Yes, I have a few sweatshirts, but I really don’t want to wear them. See, it’s kind of weird and I feel weird saying it, but now that I am actually starting to like what I look, I don’t want to "hide" beneath a sweatshirt anymore. Seriously, that is so weird. I never thought I wouldn’t want to wear a sweatshirt. Strange. Weird. 

I actually like to wear clothes that fit me the way they are supposed to and that make me look like I have lost weight. Isn’t that odd? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I like to wear tight clothing to show off my figure, because I don’t. I don’t like my body that much. YUCK! I have no intentions of ever of wearing skimpy clothing or for that matter, a two piece swimsuit. The thought of that sends shivers right up my spine! I just like to and want to wear clothing that shows that I have lost weight.

I have worked hard throughout this journey, which I have no intentions of ending at anytime, and I, as maybe conceited as it sounds, want people to notice. Is that really so bad? I hope not.

2 thoughts on “Clothing…ugh!

  1. I wish I could afford a personal trainer. Trust me I can’t. Even if it was $20 a month. I’m working on paying off student loan debt and other revolving credit accounts to keep my head above water during the recession.

    However, instead of complaining about not having a personal trainer, I choose to read your blog for inspiration and ideas. So thanks for keeping up with your blog.


  2. Thanks for reading my blog! I am actually not paying for my personal trainer…she is a student at the Alexandria Technical College. It is free for me and she gets the practice. If you have a college in your town, I would see if they have a health and fitness program and if the students ever need practice clients. It is a rockin’ program!


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