Personal trainer assessment

So last night, I met with my new personal trainer, Kristy Loomis. She is a second-year student at ATC in the health and fitness program. I am her "practice client." It was awesome. I was excited about some things and a little disappointed in others.

One of the first things we did was do a body fat analysis, BMI (body mass index) and checked my weight. I was actually pleasantly surprised by all three. Earlier this year, I had a body fat analysis done and I was at about 40 or 45 percent. Not good…at all. In April, I did it again and it was closer to 35 percent. Better, but still not great. Last night, Kristy put in a target of 30 percent for body fat because we didn’t really know where I was at. After stepping on the scale, we found out my body fat was at 28.5 percent. Much, much better. I was happy with that, although I would like it to be less. She was okay with it. My BMI was at 23.4. I think your BMI should be 25 or under, so I guess I am okay with that number.

My weight was at 145 pounds, which I know was not quite accurate…at least according to the Weight Watcher scale, which this morning read 148 pounds. OMG! I was ecstatic, especially with everything that has been going on and not exactly eating the best. So, I’ll take the 148…it sure the heck beats the 190 pounds I was at nearly a year ago! 

After doing the assessment of the scale, we started doing some exercises. She was pleased with my form while doing squats and happy with my numbers while doing a front bridge (I held the pose for nearly one minute) and a reverse bridge (I held this pose for nearly three minutes). I totally think those may be the wrong terms for what I did, but close enough. the front bridge works your core and the reverse bridge works your glutes and thighs. I was so close to doing a pull up, but didn’t quite make it…even a second try didn’t result in doing on. I felt better about this when she disclosed to me that she isn’t able to do one either! 

We found out that I really need to work on my upper body strength…I tried to bench press, which resulted in only four and a half lifts of 65 pounds. Not great by any means. But Kristy was okay with this because now we definitely have something to work on. 

As for push ups….well….I did 20 of them!!!! Okay, they were "girl" push ups, but regardless, I DID IT! I seriously didn’t think I was going to be able to do one and I did 20….yes, that’s 20 push ups. For those who are physically fit, I know it’s nothing, but for me….it’s HUGE!

Overall, I think Kristy was pleased with my assessment. And I have to say I was, too! She is now going to take all my information and work out a program for me. We are meeting again next Wednesday for one more test. She might have my program ready for me then, but if not, it will be soon after. I can’t wait to get started. In the mean time, I think I might dust off the weight bench down in my basement and start doing some lifts! I might even add in some push ups now that I know I can do them!

I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Personal trainer assessment

  1. Love your blog! I just started going to a personal trainer myself and find that I really like it. That first consult though is brutal having to face up to things you knew, but didn’t really acknowledge. Kudos!


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