A celebration!

Yesterday, October 8, was my one-year wedding anniversary! Al and I were married on October 8 of last year in California in a hot air balloon overlooking the vineyards of Sonoma County. We had a fantastic trip! Al and I have actually been together for almost seven years…he is my soul mate. It feels like we have been together for an eternity, but not in a bad way. It’s in a super-duper good way, the best way possible, actually.

At any rate, last night, after we visited my mom-in-law at the rehab facility she is at in Fargo (she had a stroke on September 11), we decided to go out to eat. Since I started my healthy eating/lifestyle change/journey, the one item I have avoided ordering in restaurants is pasta. I haven’t been to a pasta restaurant, as in Olive Garden, in forever. I don’t actually miss it that much.

We have pasta at home on a regular basis, but it is uber healthy. I order my pasta online at http://www.fibergourmet.com. It rocks. Check it out. A one-cup serving is only two points…half of the points of "normal" pasta. When making pasta at home, we always use a tomato-based sauce, instead of some fattening cheesy, alfredo-y, cream sauce. I just love pasta. I can have a pasta meal at home for under six WW points. Seriously. And it is good and filling and satisfying.

Well, last night, because it was our anniversary, we decided we would go to Olive Garden. Really, not such a bad choice…if you don’t order the never-ending pasta bowl, that is. But, of course, because we were splurging, we both ordered the never-ending pasta bowl.

It was AWESOME. I mean REALLY AWESOME. We ate the salad, the breadsticks, our pasta and of course, we had to have a glass of wine to toast our anniversary with. By the way, Al made the most romantic toast! God, I love that man.

Anyway, I just figured out my WW point total for what I ate, which consisted of one helping of salad, two breadsticks, one helping of penne pasta with five-cheese marinara sauce and about one-third helping of orecchiette pasta (these are kind of like an ear-shaped pasta) with the five-cheese marinara sauce. No dessert, can you believe it? My point total for my meal? It was thirty-three points – yes, 33 POINTS!!!! My total for the day turned out to be 46 points. 

But every single one of my 33 points for dinner was well worth it! It was a marvelous first anniversary!

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