In one day I ate…

I decided to go shopping on Sunday in St. Cloud. I guess wearing summer clothes for fall and winter doesn’t work. Because of my weight loss, none of my wintery, warmer clothing fits anymore and so I was in desperate need of long sleeve shirts and/or sweaters. I, literally, had two long sleeve shirts that fit. 

I started my day like normal…having my Yoplait thick and creamy French vanilla light yogurt, Fiber One original cereal and Vitalicious Vitatop (these can be found on the web at 

My son came with me, as we had to meet his dad, my ex-husband, whom I get along with surprisingly well, in Sauk Centre. Brandon was spending the day with his dad…who surprised him with a car for his birthday. How awesome is that? Long story short…it was amazingly, surprisingly, shockingly awesome….and completely out of character for his dad. 

At any rate, we met at McDonald’s, our usual meeting spot. Brandon was hungry, so we went in and he ordered his food and all of sudden, I got a hankering for a biscuit with grape jelly. About 10 years ago, I used to eat a biscuit with grape jelly from Hardee’s just about every morning. It’s been awhile since I had one, but I have to say, it was quite delicious. Not that delicious, however, that I would eat one every day. Nor would I eat another one anytime soon. OK, it was just all right. Nothing exceptional by any means.

When I got to St. Cloud, I immediately went to my favorite store…Kohl’s! I had tremendous success. Bought a couple of sweaters, a couple of long-sleeve shirts, a pair of pants and two pairs of jeans…one was a size 8!!!!!!!! I also have a pair of size 12 jeans at home that I wear, so it doesn’t really mean that much, but come on, a size 8. That rocks!

After nearly three hours of perusing through racks and trying on what seemed like hundreds of items, I was famished. So, I went to Cold Stone Creamery. I had a coupon for a free ice cream treat for my birthday. It was only for the "Like It" size, but I paid extra and got the "Love It" size. I had the cake batter ice cream with a brownie bite and hot fudge in it. God was it good. I am so thankful there is not a Cold Stone Creamery in Alexandria. I would be in trouble.

Next, I headed to the mall. After browsing through several stores and walking up and down the hallways, again, I was famished. Pretzelmaker was calling my name. If you have never been to a Pretzelmaker, I highly suggest you do. Again, I am so thankful there is not one in Alexandria. I had the small pretzel bites with parmesan cheese and pizza sauce. Oh, and a diet coke. I don’t ever drink pop, but for some reason it sounded so good…and it was.

I decided I was done shopping and headed home. After a couple of hours of lounging around watching the boob-tube with my husband, we got a phone call about his dad. Long story short…we brought his dad into the emergency room and he was admitted. His health is not doing well, so I am asking for some more prayers. After a couple of hours in the emergency room, again, I was famished. I ran out and got my husband, my son and I something to eat…at Burger King. YUK! It was the only place open at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night close to the hospital. I don’t ever eat at Burger King. I can’t stand the smell. Anyway, I order the grilled chicken sandwich (without mayo) thinking that would be okay. I was wrong. I hated it and only ate about half.

In one day, I ate at McDonald’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Pretzelmaker and Burger King. Two out of the four places were worth it.

So, what was my WW point total for the day? As always, I logged every morsel that went into my mouth into my Weight Watchers daily journal on the Internet. The damage for the day…45 points!!!!!! My usual daily point allowance is 24. Guess I have to exercise like mad tonight!

2 thoughts on “In one day I ate…

  1. There go your flex points for the week, but they are there exactly for days like you had. You were braver than I am to actually calculate the points for the day! Good job!


  2. I am actually obsessed about logging my points. I use the Weight Watchers online site, the e-tools, which makes it so easy to log my food. I keep my computer at my table so I can easily hop on after I am done eating. I also use my iPod touch, which has an app for Weight Watchers. I use that when I am away and when I have wi-fi connection. I am seriously obsessed with logging my food. I have kind of made it a game. Whatever works, I guess!


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