An unexpected compliment

This weekend, my husband, sister-in-law and I went out to eat at a Denny’s restaurant in the Twin Cities area. We had a great waitress. 

Because of what I ordered, I think our waitress knew I was health conscious. I decided on the Denny’s Grand Slam, where I got to choose four different items from a select menu. I ordered the oatmeal with no butter or brown sugar. Instead, I used sugar-free maple syrup and skim milk. I ordered the turkey bacon instead of the regular bacon. I also chose the fresh fruit and an English muffin with no butter. Instead, I put a little peanut butter on it. I would have usually used both containers of peanut butter that were brought to me, but this time, I only used one.

I ate everything, except all of my oatmeal. But it wasn’t because it didn’t taste good, I was just so full. Full with a capital F. When the meal was just about done, our waitress came by and asked if we needed anything else or if any of us wanted to order dessert. 

My reply was, "No thanks, not for me!"

Her reply, which I took as a HUGE compliment, was, "Oh, I know YOU didn’t want any dessert!"

For some reason, that made me SO excited. Most often, waitresses just look at me and they know I am going to order some huge chocolatey ooey gooey dessert, even though I just got done woofing down a huge hamburger and side of fries or some huge helping of cheesy pasta. They are often disappointed if I don’t order a dessert.

But not this time and that made me feel oh so good!

One thought on “An unexpected compliment

  1. Your blog is so inspirational, thank you! I lost almost 50lbs on Weight Watchers, then we had a baby and I gained all of it back and then some, I just love food so much!! Now, she’s a year and a half old (no more excuses), and I’m trying to get my mind set back on getting this weight off. I’ve lost half of the “baby weight” but that last 30 lbs I want to get off is just hanging around. But, I read your blog all the time and it’s very encouraging! Great Job on the 5K too!!


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