When life happens

Wow, it is amazing to see what happens when a crisis strikes a family. My mother-in-law is still in the hospital and we are waiting for her to have surgery – a brain bypass. It’s a long and complicated story that I will not get into. However, I will ask for everyone thoughts and prayers again. She needs them.

Since this crisis has struck, what has amazed me, is to see how everyone pulls together. Your friends, your family and your WORK family. I have been utterly impressed with how our newspaper family has pulled together and offered their support, their prayers and their help…it has exceeded all expectations and we are forever grateful. And indebted to all of them. Thank you one and all from the bottom of our hearts

So, how’s the eating going? Well, I have actually surprised myself. In times like this, I usually turn to comfort foods…ice cream, chips, cake, candy, pizza. You know, all that stuff that when you first eat it, makes you feel oh-so-much-better. Well, I haven’t. 

I have been eating healthy foods. At home and at the hospital. I have even packed food with me so I know that I have healthy options available if need be. We have gone out to eat twice. The first time, I did well. Actually, really well. The second time, not so much. Well, I guess it wasn’t that bad.

We ate at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Don Pablos. I think I could eat mexican food every day of my life. I ordered the grilled chicken tacos, which came with two sides. I chose black beans, which are healthy. And then I just had to have my favorite side…the corn bread. I actually call it corn mush because it doesn’t really have the consistency of corn bread; it’s softer and kind of mushier. Hench the corn mush title. 

I ate half my black beans, two of the three tacos and of course, all of my corn mush. Typically, I would have ate all of that and ordered dessert, so I guess I didn’t do too bad. 

For the next few days, I will be taking several trips back and forth to St. Paul. I will continue to pack a lunch or snacks as I need them and I plan to continue doing what I have been. Eating healthy most of the time and splurging every now and then…it helps keep me sane!

Once again, I appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and well wishes. My husband’s family is going to need all they can get in the next few days and coming weeks. Thank you.

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