How many times have you sat down on the couch with a bag of Doritos and before you realize it, eaten half, if not, the entire bag?

I have been known to do this on occasion. I especially love Doritos – the normal ones – dipped in Frito Lay mild cheddar cheese sauce. Yum-Yum. I have been known to devour an entire can of sauce in one sitting. Really, it’s that good. Sometimes, I have even dipped dill pickles in that same cheese sauce. OMG! That’s what I call heaven.

Since my healthy eating journey began, I have strayed away from Doritos, even though my son eats them on a regular basis. He loves the spicy sweet chili ones in the purple bag. Well, last night, as my husband was grilling burgers and cooking some corn on the cob, I decided that the bag of Doritos sitting on the counter was calling my name. Yes, I have snuck a few here and there, but haven’t really HAD some.

So, I starting crunchy away. God, they were so good. But the one thing I forgot about with that kind – the spicy sweet chili kind – is that when you stop eating them, your mouth starts to feel this little burning sensation. Regardless, I didn’t eat too many of them. One, I didn’t want to and two, my son came and stole them away from me.

I didn’t really count them, but I guessed that I ate roughly 17 chips. I know, like I said, it wasn’t a lot. I immediately went over to my computer to log the intake of chips. Um, yeah, five points later, I was regretting my moment of weakness. I can eat an entire meal for 5 points.

It was 17 lousy chips for five whole points. Ridiculous.

Well, as was complaining about stupidity, my husband thought it would be a good idea to find out how many points it would be for an entire bag of Doritos. I was game. He told me the calories…2,100. He told me the fat grams…105. He told me the fiber count…15. I was actually surprised that there was 15 grams of fiber in an entire bag. By the way, Weight Watchers figures out points based on calories, fat and fiber.

I hit the calculate button and nearly choked on the remaining crumbs that were stuck to my teeth! I burst out in laughter and told my husband and son they had to guess the number of points. Brandon guessed 57 and Al guessed 40.

The total? 50 points! FIFTY POINTS! For some people, that is nearly three DAYS worth of points. 

I determined they are SO NOT WORTH IT!


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