Doing a 5K!

Well, this afternoon, after my husband joined me in a run, I signed my whole family up for the 5K set for September 19!

I am thrilled beyond thrilled. I have never considered myself an athlete. I didn’t participate in sports when I was younger and am, well, kind of uncoordinated. But for some reason, I have really started to like running. Not that I plan on running a marathon anytime soon, but there is something about it.

When my husband when running with me this afternoon, I was so excited. He hasn’t been running, or really doing anything exercise related, since about March. He amazes me. We took off and he didn’t stop once. I was shocked. He ran the whole 2.6 miles we ran without stopping, which I didn’t stop either, but come on, I have at least been doing some exercising. He just picked up like he had been running for months. So not fair.

But, no matter, I am happy that both my husband and my almost 16-year-old will be running with me. I knew if I told my son that my husband decided to run it with me, that he would change his mind and decide to run it, too. I am so happy.

So, 5K, here we come…ready or not!

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