Thinking about a 5K

So, I am thinking about running a 5K. It is in two and a half weeks. I’ve never been a runner, but for some reason lately, I have thought it’s been kind of fun. Energizing, really. Well, now that I can actually run more than a half a mile without wanting to collapse. Last night I ran 2.5 miles and only walked about one block of it after nearly 2 miles of running straight. I couldn’t believe it. This is truly a big accomplishment for me.

I should clarify that I actually don’t run, it’s more of a jog. My estimates indicate that I am running about a 12-minute or 12.5-minute mile. Not a fast pace by any means. But perfect for me.

I am trying to talk my son into running the 5K Fun Run with me. I know he can do it. To me, he is a true athlete. But, he’s not so sure he wants to run with his mom. But not for reasons you may think. He actually told me that when he’s run with me in the past, he doesn’t like listening to my breathing because it scares him. Apparently, it sounds like I am running out of air or something. Guess I should work on that!

My birthday is at the end of the month, so I plan on telling him that doing this with me can be his present! I also asked my husband to run with me just in case my son says no. My hubby said, "We’ll see!" At least it wasn’t the no answer I expected.

If anyone has any tips they would like to share about running a 5K, please feel free to send them my way either by leaving me a comment or sending an e-mail to me at

Thanks much!

3 thoughts on “Thinking about a 5K

  1. Don’t get caught up in the excitement at the start of the race. It’s easy to run the first mile much faster than you would like in order to keep up with everyone else. Then you can’t finish the race running, like you would like.


  2. Hi Celeste,

    I happened to read your blog today and I thought I could share some insight into running a 5k with your kids. I started running in my late 40s and still do 5ks and half-marathons, I am 52. I am built more for comfort than speed and I run right around your pace. I talked my daughter into running with me a couple of years ago. While we may run “together”, that usually means we stand together at the beginning of the race and I get to see her after the race is over. She usually finishes, cools down and changes clothes by the time I come across the finish line. At least I will always have a fan to wave at when I make it to the end.

    I used to be bothered by the noise I make when I run. I solved this problem by getting an iPod. I can put on my headphones and turn up the music and whatever noise that my breathing makes is gone! It’s also a good excuse to not have to talk to anybody when I run. If I chat when running it makes me puff even harder. If your son worries about your breathing, buy him an iPod.

    This year at Grandma’s I got to run with my daughter and my grandson. We had a blast running “together” even though we ran miles apart.

    Say Hi to all my old co-workers at the paper from Kim (Syvertson) Utesch!


  3. Thanks for the tips! I will have to keep in mind about not getting caught up in the excitement of the race. I can see myself doing that. Also, Kim, both my son and I have iPods, but we’ve never thought to use them when we are together. I always have mine on when I run by myself. No reason why we can’t use them when we are running together. Great tip! Thanks.


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