Wednesday weigh-in


Whatever was going on last week – remember, I had a gain of 3.4 pounds – turned around this week. I had a loss of almost the exact same amount.

I lost 3.2 pounds, which brings me back down (barely) under my goal. I am now at 154.8. Goal is 155. 

I was pleased with this week’s results. Actually, I was more than pleased, I was ecstatic, thrilled and, most of all, relieved. I think the changes I made showed up (or shall I say down!) at the scale.

For those who may not know, I am a Weight Watchers member. When I started maintenance two weeks ago, my daily points allowance was jacked up by four points. After last week’s weigh-in, I dropped it down by three points. Before I reached goal, my points target was 21. After reaching goal and starting maintenance, I was at 25 points per day. I think having those four extra points really made a difference. A bad difference.

I am now at 22 points and will keep it at that for the next week to see what happens. In these next few weeks, I will have to play around with my points to figure out how many I need to maintain my weight. I also have to figure out how much exercise I need. This week wasn’t so hot. I need to bump that up!

For now, I guess I will have to play the waiting game. Oh so much fun.

On a side note, I am having a garage sale this weekend and I am really excited about it. I went through all my clothes – holy moly one person can accumulate A TON of clothes in a somewhat short amount of time (four years) – and I am getting rid of the ones that don’t fit me anymore. WOW!

My closet is now free and clear of my size 16’s, 14’s and most of the 12’s. I still have some 12’s that fit pretty decent. Most are 10’s, but I also have a couple of 8’s in there as well! I told my husband I was clearing it all out because I don’t – and won’t (hopefully) – go back. I know numbers aren’t supposed to matter, but come on, who am I kidding? I would be lying if I said that seeing a number 8 on a pair of pants didn’t make my heart skip a beat or two! You all know what I am talking about, don’t kid yourselves.

I didn’t want to hang on to anything for that "just in case" that might happen moment. I am determined not to let it happen again – ever. I don’t want to go back to that place…it was too unhappy.

Cleaning out my closet made me realize something else – I need to go shopping. I don’t have anything left!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday weigh-in

  1. Just happened upon your blog through area voices and want to say congrats. I did WW several years ago and really liked having that support. It was a great time in my life. Keep up the good work!


  2. When I lost 70 pounds a few years ago on WW, I him maintenance and just stayed at the same amount of points that I was doing and what was working for me. That’s weird that they want you to increase your points when you hit maintenance. That must be something new…Good job on getting to goal! Best of luck on maintenance!


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