County fair here I come

Our county fair started yesterday and I am ecstatic! First, the newspaper I work for has a booth at the fair and for some reason, I love working in it. I think it has to do with the people. I love the people. I work three shifts this year…one on Friday, one of Saturday and one on Sunday. I can’t wait.

Second, I am excited because this is the one time of year I let myself indulge. But only on one thing…corn dogs. There is one particular stand that makes the BEST corn dogs I have eaten in my entire life. Better than any state fair corn dog, hands down.

I typically have one every day I am at the fair, but this year. I am only going to eat just one. I haven’t had greasy, good food like that in a long time. I am actually excited to see how I like it. I think I will eat it on Sunday, the last day I am there. That way, if it is as good as I am anticipating, I won’t be tempted to eat another one.

So, watch out, corn dogs, here I come!


2 thoughts on “County fair here I come

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  2. Attention” Celeste! Part 2…just forgot to tell you,the marthawhite dough is the best,how do I tell them??


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