Today could be it

Today is the day I might reach my goal. I only have one pound left. I am nervous and excited. I am apprehensive and happy. I am scared and giddy.

If I do reach my goal, then what? What I do? Maintaining has always been the hardest part for me. Although, I guess for the past eight months, I have been doing the same thing, so it should be kind of easy. Right? 

I love my new eating habits and I actually have been exercising more. I guess I just have to wait and see. 

I will blog again tonight and let you know whether or not I reached goal. If I do, my total weight loss at this point will be 35+ pounds. I can’t believe it. And for the first time, I did it right.

Wish me luck!

Any questions can be directed to or posted here and I will answer.


2 thoughts on “Today could be it

  1. Good Luck Celeste….Hope you reach your goal today. You are right though, maintaining is the hardest part. I’ve done the yo-yo thing as well, my best loss was the 30 I also did on WW, but unfortunately (and yes, my fault), that 30 found me again 😦 Hope you do better at the maintaining than I did, I’m proud of you and it sounds like you have a good handle on it, keep up the great work. As anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues knows, it is a lifetime battle and commitment.


  2. Good Luck! Maintaining has been harder for me too. A “goal” has always meant being at the end, and it’s too easy to return to where you were. I’ve found setting a new goal to focus on is a great help. Watch your weight, but focus on something else like running longer: Something you can measure, and see improvement. I’m working up my running, and hope to run in a half marathon this fall. That’s my new goal, and I’ve kept my weight off (50 lbs) for almost a year now.


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