Short and sweet

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog recently. There hasn’t been anything exciting to tell or share. I am hoping tomorrow’s weigh-in will bring good news. I will post regardless if the news is good or not as good…I promise. 

I will quickly share what I had for supper the other night (my husband wasn’t home): a small blizzard and nearly half a bag of BBQ chips! I didn’t even feel guilty about it. That was the best part. The other best part? It didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought. That’s a good thing. Really, it is!

Wish me luck for tomorrow morning…less than two pounds away from my goal!

2 thoughts on “Short and sweet

  1. I have been reading your blog since you started. I have been inspired to work on my own wellness, in part, due to what I’ve read. I enjoy reading about your trials, ideas, challenges, and succeses. No magic, just life changing habits. The best line you’ve shared: What you eat in private, you wear in public. I put 15 pounds of private stress on display last winter, and am a little over two thirds of the way into taking it off (since June 1st). I gave myself until September 1st. After that, I will work on some of the buildup from years of neglecting my body. Recently, I too have realized the once good tasting junky food is losing its appeal. Thanks for your blog!


  2. Thanks Abra! Your post put a huge smile on my face. At least I know that I have touched the life of one person. I wish you the very best in your healthy journey…may it last a lifetime! And remember, nothing tastes as good as looking good feels!


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