After an awesome weekend spent with my two beautiful sisters in the Twin Cities with not much exercising and lots of going out to eat, I wasn’t expecting much downward movement at the scale this morning at my WW weigh in. 

But to my delight and complete amazement, I lost two pounds from last week AND, hit another milestone!!!!!!

I have now lost a total of 30.2 pounds. Seriously? Are you kidding me? 30 pounds???? I cannot believe it, but am so excited. If someone would have told me back in November that I would lose 30 pounds, I would have laughed in their face.

But I did it. I will write more about my journey later. I just had to post my exciting news.

3 thoughts on “YES!!!!

  1. Congrats!! You should be proud…it has taken a great deal of committment to get to this point and it is a huge accomplishment!!


  2. Hey Woman… That is AWESOME! I am very proud of you! You look GREAT and are an inspiration!! Truely! Even tho I am jealous as all get out! Maybe seeing you look so good will make me get off my butt and move it, move it! Cuz I want know how looking good feels too! Keep up the good work! I will be reading and watching!


  3. Thank you both for your well wishes. They are BOTH greatly appreciated. I plan to write more on my journey soon. Keep an eye out for an update!


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