Meltdown Monday

So, I have been waiting for this day to come. The day that I melt down. The day that I lose my cool and eat, eat, eat and eat. And I am not talking carrots and celery or cucumbers and corn either. 

I am talking chips and cake and cheese. Wow, it looks like I have an infatuation with "C" foods. Oh, how I would love to chow down on some crab legs right now.

It started after work. I got home and started making tacos for supper. There was a can of Pringles sitting on my counter. They were for my son. I had a couple. Then some more and then some more. And pretty soon, I had eaten half the container…if not more. 

Then, I needed something sweet. I had just bought the new Little Debbie 100 calorie snack cakes, which is fine if you only eat one. I ate two.

Then, because we were having tacos, I had to open the bag of shredded cheddar cheese and put it in a bowl. I actually haven’t had "real" cheese in at least six months. So, I had to go for it. I think I ate at least a cup. 

Well, supper is ready and I must eat. My stomach is growling and can’t wait for more food. I will chalk this day up to a meltdown and start again tomorrow. I just needed some unhealthy food. It has been way too long. I miss it. Sometimes. Okay, all the time. But maybe now that I got my fix, I will be okay for the next seven months. I sure hope so.

Note: I forgot to add that ate several Skittles and a bunch of other stuff throughout the day. The only healthy things I ate today were two oranges and a salad for lunch…with good-for-me-dressing. 

Another note: I felt sluggish and crappy most of the day, so after I got home from my meeting I had, I worked out for 35 minutes. I was sweating up a storm. God that felt good! Bad on track tomorrow!

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