Still hungry

Do you ever have those days that no matter what you eat, you can’t seem to get full? Today was one of the those days for me. Seriously, as I write this, my tummy is still growling at me even though I just ate a small snack not more than 15 minutes ago.

I ate my breakfast (yogurt and a Vitalicious muffin top). Then, a few hours later, I ate a snack (a light English muffin with about a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on it). I was still hungry.

I ate lunch (a grilled Boca burger on a toasted Arnold’s sandwich thin with pickles and ketchup, about a cup and a half of steamed cauliflower with 1/4 cup fat-free cheddar cheese melted on it and a 60-calorie, sugar-free dulce de leche Jell-O pudding). Then, I ate a couple of snacks a few hours later…an apple and an orange. I was still hungry. So, I ate another snack a little bit later (a Skinny Cow vanilla/caramel cone).

I ate supper (a 3 oz. piece of grilled pork tenderloin, 2/3 cup of corn and a cup of carrots). Then, I ate several snacks…a 60-calorie chocolate Jell-O, Athenos whole wheat pita chips, 12 of them, with a wedge of French Onion Laughing Cow cheese and yet another ice cream treat…a Skinny Cow strawberry ice cream sandwich!) I was still hungry.

So, I decided to drink a glass of water and write this entry in my blog. 

It didn’t help. I am still hungry. So, I think I will head to bed instead. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Still hungry

  1. I bought some Pysillium seed husk capsules at Swansons for a different reason than weight loss but taking one of these natural capsules (it is like Metamucil) with an 8-10 oz glass of water really dulls the appetite.


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