Mirrors vs. photographs

How come the image I see in the mirror looks so much better than the image I see in a photograph?
I always thought mirrors were the mastermind of deception and distortion and that photos weren’t so bad.

I’ve changed my mind. Mirrors really aren’t that bad and photos, well, they kind of suck.

This past weekend, we celebrated my mom’s 75th birthday. I bought a new shirt (it was kind of hip and not something I would typically wear) and I wore my new jeans, which were a size smaller I might add.

My two older sisters were going to be there and I knew we would take pictures; we always do, which is why I wore the new shirt and jeans. My one sister always looks so good – sophisticated and put together. She’s not stick thin, but not fat either. She’s average in size. My other sister just lost more than 30 pounds and is smaller than me and my other sister. She usually looks good, too.

When I looked in the mirror that morning, I was pleased with the image staring back at me. I looked like I had lost some weight, my outfit was cute, I just had a pedicure, which was shown off in my open-toe platform sandals and my hair actually worked out. I guess I was pretty happy with how I looked…not something I do on a regular basis.

At any rate, the party went great, I even heard a few comments about my looks, good comments. The photographs were taken and I was feeling good, happy.

At home that evening, I uploaded the photos we took, the ones of the three sisters, and my happiness balloon deflated within seconds. Seriously, the photo looked like I instantly gained back the nearly 25 pounds I lost. I still looked the same. I didn’t look like the girl I saw in the mirror that morning. I didn’t look like I changed at all. I still looked, well, FAT. It sucked. My sisters, on the other hand, both looked great…as usual.

Yes, that is jealousy rearing its ugly head. Fun, isn’t it.

One thought on “Mirrors vs. photographs

  1. I can relate (although not in a “have been really watching my intake and exercise way, more in a mirrors vs photographs way). I have gained weight the last 9 months, continuing a multiple year gaining actually. But I was absolutely stunned yesterday when I saw a picture of my butt (the wide view, not the side view) on facebook yesterday from a friends wedding. I knew I was overweight, but wow. And I thought I looked nice that day too. It’s very sad.


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