Foods I never thought I’d eat

Have you ever heard of a Boca burger? I have and I used to tease my husband (who was then just my boyfriend) about eating them. He used to eat them all the time. I never actually tried one, but they looked, oh, I don’t know, weird. Almost cardboard-ish. Not appetizing at all. If I was going to eat a burger, I wanted it to be real hamburger…grease and all.

Well, times have changed and so have I. Guess who’s eating Boca burgers now? Yep. Me. And, I have to say they are actually good. Real good. And they don’t taste anything like cardboard. At least not the flame-grilled Boca burger. The first one I ate was on Monday. I put a little pickle on it and some ketchup and put it on an Arnold’s Sandwich thin…it’s like a bun, but way thinner and way better for you. Again, something I wouldn’t have eaten a year ago. The sandwich made for a great lunch and it was low in WW points.

I had another one yesterday. This time, I added a slice of good-for-you cheese. Again, something I wouldn’t have eaten not so long ago. I am a cheese freak and I have always said, if it’s not real cheese, then I am not having it. Well, that went out the window, too. I now eat fat-free Feta cheese instead of the real stuff and it actually tastes better. Not so pungent. I eat low-fat sliced cheese and low-fat string cheese. It’s so weird.

Today, I went to Jimmy John’s….a place I really don’t care for. But, I heard they had this thing called an Unwich. An un-what? Yep, an Unwich. It’s a sandwich without the bun and let me tell you, it was AWESOME! Seriously. It is now my new favorite sandwich…er..Unwich!

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