Whipped up obsession

Okay, I have finally come to realize I have a major obsession with Cool Whip. Since I started my whole healthy eating journey, I haven’t allowed myself to eat Cool Whip. Period. I LOVE the stuff. Period.

Typically, once I start eating it, I can’t stop and end up eating the entire container. I remember when I was little, on the night before Thanksgiving, I snuck into the refrigerator, stole the container of Cool Whip and ate the whole thing. My mom was not very happy. Especially because I think I did this on more than one occasion.

Well, I have found that the fat free kind tastes the same as the regular (or at least my tastebuds think so anyway) and it is very low in WW points – as in zero for 2 tablespoons. I bought my first container about a month ago and since then, I think I have purchased oh, probably five or six or maybe even seven.

I found that one cup of frozen blackberries mixed with a carefully measured out 1/2 cup of Fat Free Cool Whip (one WW point) made for one delicious treat and cured my hankering for ice cream.

However, I also found out that Cool Whip goes well with bananas and sugar-free Hershey’s syrup and it goes well with strawberries and it goes well with any chocolate Vitalicious VitaTops (theses are good-for-you muffin tops that are 100 calories and are also chocked full of vitamins…they can mostly be found online,  but are available in a few select grocery stores), and many other "treats." 

When I first starting eating my Fat Free Cool Whip, I literally and carefully measured out 1/2 cup. Now, not so much. I have also started sneaking a teaspoon here or a tablespoon there. So, I have decided that the container in my refrigerator will be the last one for awhile. The darn stuff is too good and too tempting for me to sneak. I just can’t help myself. I am truly obsessed with it.

I wish I could be that obsessed with exercise!

One thought on “Whipped up obsession

  1. You like Cool Whip Free? Try This:
    1 Carton Cool Whip Free
    1 Package of Jell-O Instant Fat Free Sugar Free Pudding
    2 Cups of Skim Milk

    Freeze this and you have AMAZING “ice cream”!!


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