Not worried anymore

So Easter is this Sunday and I am actually excited and not worried anymore about what I am going to eat or how many calories I am going to consume!

Why? Because I am going to be hosting Easter for my family. Long story short, there is only going to be a small group so I offered to have my family come to my house. Actually, this is the first time I am hosting a holiday for my family and I am quite excited. I have a somewhat large family – there are seven siblings total – and of course, there’s mom and dad, too. When you add in spouses and kids, there gets to be quite a crew. Well, there is only going to be nine of us – total!

Because I am hosting the event, I get to choose the menu. I get to decide if the green beans are going to be slathered in soup and loaded with those fried onion ring things. I get to decide if the sweet potatoes are going to be smothered in butter, brown sugar and marshmallows. I get to decide if the potatoes are going to be drowning in butter and cheese. I get to decide if the fruit salad is good or bad. And I get to decide if we eat apple, pumpkin, cherry or banana cream pie for dessert.

I can bet you already know what I am deciding to do.

The green beans are simply going to be steamed. The sweet potatoes won’t have a lick of fat on them; they are going to be roasted in the oven with a dash of sea salt sprinkled on top. The potatoes are going to be boiled and then riced, just like my grandma used to make, fluffy as ever. (My mom is going to make gravy for those who want it!) The fruit salad will consist of sugar free Jell-O mixed with oh-so-good-for-you blackberries and maybe some raspberries tossed in, too. The dessert will be a lovely angel food cake with some strawberries and fat free Cool Whip added for good measure. And, of course, there will be a veggie tray filled with carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. Maybe even some green and red peppers thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and of course, there is going to be ham! Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a delicious ham. But it won’t be soaking in a butter and brown sugar glaze. If fact, the only glaze will be from the fresh pineapple slices beautifully browned on top.

I am so excited about making a beautiful, delicious, scrumptious dinner for my family. And my mom is excited, too. She has diabetes and now she can eat her favorite foods without wondering what her sugar levels are going to do. 

I hope my other families members enjoy the meal as much as I know I am going to. I’ll keep you posted!

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