Private eating

At my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday, the leader shared a great quote with us and boy did it ring true for me…at least it DID, but it doesn’t anymore.

She said, "What you eat in private, you wear in public."

Hearing those words conjured up so many negative images of myself and the things I have done in the past. Like the many times I would run to the grocery store after work and grab some kind of sweet treat, whether it was Lofthouse Cookies, Little Debbie snack cakes, Hostess snack cakes, donuts or what have you, and literally run from the store to my car and in near panic mode, rip the package open and shovel the food in my mouth. I couldn’t get to the food fast enough.

And, I couldn’t get enough of those sweet treats to eat. There were many times I would eat four of the Lofthouse Cookies, with the deliciously sweet, soft frosting and uber soft, melt in your mouth cookie part. You know how when you eat something salty and you can’t get enough water? That is how I used to feel with those type of sweet treats. I always felt sick after eating whatever it was I was eating. But I did it over and over and over again. 

Those eating binges were never done in front of anyone. If I pulled up to a stoplight and someone pulled up next to me, I would put the food down so they couldn’t see me eating. I would hide food under my front seat so my husband and son didn’t know what or how much I was eating. I didn’t want anyone to see or know what I was doing.

At work, there used to be an abundance of sweet treats in our break room. (Thank goodness there isn’t as much anymore!) I couldn’t tell you how many times I would sneak back there to grab a bite or this or a shovel full of that. But, I would only eat if no one else was in the break room with me. Who was I kidding? Like my co-workers didn’t know what I was doing when I would make a hundred trips back to the kitchen in one day. Plus, I would always be walking back to my desk licking my lips. They knew. I’m sure of it.

Well, it’s been close to five months since I have had one of my eating binges. There’s no more food hidden under my seat and I try to stay out of the break room when I know there are treats on the table tempting my taste buds. And guess what, I am still alive AND, I am nearly 20 pounds lighter. (I still haven’t hit my 10 percent goal yet, but it’s so close. But that’s another whole story!)

It feels good. 


(Here is an update on my sister for those who are regular readers: Her cancer is her breast cancer reoccurring. It is in her lymph nodes behind her esophagus and infiltrating into her lungs. This week, she had a brain, bone and abdominal scan. The only thing that was found was a little spot on her ribs. Otherwise, everything came back clean. Right now, her treatment will be to take a pill every day and then every two weeks, she will be given an injection of something, but it’s not chemo. She doesn’t have to do any radiation, which makes her very happy. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you.)

3 thoughts on “Private eating

  1. I hope your sister can remain strong and steadfast in this health battle, just as you are with yor weight battle. You are doing such an awesome job staying away from the sweets. I could so relate to the overeating of sweets when no one is looking. I have zero willpower if I have sweets in the house, but it is hard not to give in to cravings, so KUDOS to you!!


  2. All my best to your sister – this blog is so well done, I thoroughly enjoy your day to week progress. I am very proud of your progress and appreciate the great tips. Hope I can pick up your will power. I too love mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes AND bread……white – wheat – fresh – frozen fried – french – ciabatta – carmel – cinnamon – muffin – toasted and lots of butter – eeeeek. But like you said – eaten in private, wear in public! Gosh – I really like butter too – on saltines!


  3. Thanks Abra and Chubby for your thoughts and prayers for my sister. And thanks for the boost of confidence on my healthy weight journey. As we all know, it’s definitely not easy. I am just trying to take it one day at a time!


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