Eating out

Last night, my husband, son and I went out to eat at one of my now favorite restaurants. It’s my favorite because I can order sweet potato fries, which I have discovered is one of my favorite foods. I make baked sweet potatoes at home all the time now. Oooh, they are so good. (See how I make them at the end of this post.)

At the restaurant, I did well when I ordered…I had the sweet potato fries (versus the mashed potatoes), the steamed asparagus spears and a sirloin steak, which is one of the leanest cuts of steak (besides the spendy filet mignon!). The meal came with a big chunk of bread and a pat of butter, which I avoided. 

I was doing really well…the food was tasty and I was feeling good about my choices. Then, I did the mistake of tasting my husband’s mashed potatoes, which was not just a little mistake, but a huge mistake. OMG! They were the best tasting mashed potatoes ever. Why, you may ask. Because they were made with butter and heavy cream. It almost tasted like they had a white sauce on them or something. They were creamy and exactly how I like my mashed potatoes…not good for you and loaded with fat and calories.

Well, I had a couple….okay, a few bites. I tried to get my husband to hurry up and eat all of them so I could quit thinking about them, but that didn’t work. He said he wasn’t going to finish them because he was full. I finally made him take his napkin and cover them up before I finished them off. Oh, they were so good. I ate my entire meal, so it wasn’t like I was hungry. It was the taste. Oh, the taste of those potatoes. I have been a potato lover since I was born. 

The waitress finally took our plates and I was so happy. I didn’t have to think about those darn potatoes anymore. I don’t know why I tasted them in the first place. Next time, I will know better!

Here’s how I make my sweet potatoes at home:

I scrub up the potatoes, just like a baked potato. Then, I cut them in to bite-sized chunks or cubes and spread them on a cookie sheet. I spray them with butter flavor Pam or other butter flavored spray and sprinkle them with sea salt. Regular salt will also work. Then put them in a 400-degree oven and bake anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. That’s it. They are ready to eat and enjoy!!!! 

3 thoughts on “Eating out

  1. I’ve never been a sweet potato eater, but your recipe sounds delicious, so I may need to try them…sometimes it’s just in the way they are prepared. As far as regular potatoes…I’d eat them in any manner they were prepared.


  2. I great dip to go with the sweet potato fries is a mixture of mayo (i use light miracle whip)minced garlic and basil. It gives the potatoes a little kick to them.


  3. Could you tell me how many points your sweet potatoes have. I have a fast food chain near me and I have been eating them. They bake theirs. The say that they have 9 g’s unsat. fat. 2 sat fat. 297 calories 8 grams of fiber. I thought I was eating something low in points and healthy until I saw the stats. I don’t have the points tracker any more so I am in the dark. Can you help? Thanks.


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