What does a number mean anyway?

The other day I was trying to find something to wear to work – a task I struggle with on an almost daily basis. As I was looking through my closet, I found a pair a pants and put them on. They fit. Not a big deal, right? Well, it was a big deal because they were two sizes smaller than I was used to wearing. And, I hadn’t worn that particular pair of dress pants in about six to eight months.

I was thrilled. Wait….I was more than thrilled. I was ecstatic beyond belief.  

Until the next day when I tried on another pair of dress pants in that particular size and there was no way in the world I was going to get them zipped or buttoned. I was deflated. Kind of, but not really. I am starting to realize that the number on the tag doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Seriously.

Right now, I can wear three different size pants. In jeans, I can wear one size – the biggest of them all. In a certain brand of dress pants, I can wear another size – the smallest of the three. But in other pants, both jeans and dress pants, depending on the brand, I can wear the size that’s right in the middle. 

How’s a girl – okay, a woman – supposed to feel good about herself and about losing nearly 20 pounds when the size of her pants fluctuates between three sizes! Aargh!

And why is it that men can wear the same size pants – for example a 36 – no matter if they are jeans, dress pants or sweats, and whether or not they are Calvin Klein, Lee, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Gap, Nautica, Old Navy or even Wranglers. It’s so not fair.

4 thoughts on “What does a number mean anyway?

  1. I feel your pain, CFG.

    This is one of the reasons I hated shopping for so many years.

    It took me many years to find the one store where I can consistently buy the same size for pants — and they all fit properly! My biggest problem is my height. At 5’4″ it’s really hard for me to find pants that fit properly in the waist that aren’t 6 inches too long for my legs.

    I curse my siblings for this. All three of them are quite tall. I’m the only one who got stuck with the short gene.


  2. Now hold on there Princess. As a representative of the tall community it is a nightmare for us to find pants that fit in the waist and aren’t 6 inches to short for us. I think it’s a conspiracy of the fashion industry. Keep the women coming back for adventures in their favorite stores: Will the Pants Fit Today? LOL!

    I try to follow one rule: Are they my size and do they look good on me?


  3. I am right in the middle as far as the height thing. I am 5’6″, so most often, I don’t have a problem with the length of my pants, just the size. PrairieWoman, I like what you said about if the pants fit, but the part about are they my size….I don’t have one size. I have three!!!!! Darn fashion industry.


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