Scribble it if you nibble it

If you bite it, write it. If you nibble it, scribble it. Or, in not so fun terms, keep a food journal.

This is something I have been told to do so many times, but never really did. I would do it for a week or so and then get bored and quit. Or I would be completely ashamed of everything I was putting in mouth that I would quit or worse, lie about what I was eating. But, I have now been keeping a food diary since the middle of November. And, I haven’t lied about anything. Every morsel, every drop of everything goes down in my tracker.

One of the reasons why I have been tracking my food is because back in November, I joined Weight Watchers. This was the best decision I have ever made. I love, love, love Weight Watchers. I joined the online site so I can track everything via my computer, which makes it sooooooo much easier, but I also attend the meetings each week. I haven’t missed one since I started. 

As for tracking, once you start and keep going on it, it actually becomes quite addicting. For instance, for Valentine’s Day, I had decided to take the day off from my food journal. I knew my husband and I were going to be having a fabulous meal and an even more fabulous dessert. I didn’t want to track the food I was going to be eating. I just wanted to eat my meal and dessert and drink my wine without having to worry. Well, I did okay on the not worrying part. I ate what I wanted that day – steak, roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus, olive cheesies, dark chocolate truffle bars and of course, a couple bottles of wine! We stayed home and cooked the entire meal together, like we do most Saturday nights. 

Well, a few days went by and it was just killing me that I hadn’t logged that meal and didn’t know how many points (Weight Watchers) I ate that day. So, I went on my computer and logged it and surprisingly, I did better than I expected. 

I love keeping a log for several reasons. First, it really makes you pay attention to everything you eat – what types of food, the amount, etc. Keeping a food diary can also make you more aware of when your "hungry" times of the day are. Maybe you need to eat more in the morning or at lunch so you don’t snack so much at night. Keeping a food diary or journal is just one more mechanism to help you learn about control and portion sizes.

I urge everyone having a hard time with their weight to start journaling. Write down everything you eat, down to the crust off your child’s leftover sandwich or the bite size piece of cake left on the kitchen counter. As I said earlier….if you bite it, you write or if you nibble it, you scribble it.

Good luck.

One thought on “Scribble it if you nibble it

  1. I did that one time and lost a good deal of weight. I’ve been trying to use the SparkPeople online thing and just can’t keep doing it. I’ve been really watching what I eat and bringing good snacks to have throughout the day and it seems to be working.
    I do have my slip-ups, of course, but we can’t be perfect. I also am SO hungry all the time — but I can tell you I’m not starving myself. I think my metabolism is kicking in — finally!


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