Random thoughts

I now have read several blogs or e-mails labeled "25 Random Things About Me" and thought I would give it a shot. They were interesting…really interesting. I will try and make mine the same way. So, here goes:

1. I dream of going rollerskating all the time (I did this back in the day and LOVED it!)

2. I have only lived in Minnesota, but plan to live in Arizona some day.

3. I don’t color my hair – it’s all natural.

4. I have a clock in every room of the house except in the bathroom.

5. I love Twinkies and most other Hostess products.

6. I grew up on a turkey farm…and actually liked it.

7. I haven’t cleaned a house in about eight years…I pay someone to do it for me! (It’s one of my luxuries.)

8. I love eating dill pickles dipped in plain cheddar cheese dip.

9. I am a lazy person – plain and simple.

10. My husband and I don’t fight, argue or have disagreements. We actually get along scarily well. We are the best of friends.

11. He is my third husband!

12. I love being the mother of a teenage boy and I am thankful I am not the mother of a teenage girl.

13. I am the baby of seven children.

14. I eat a granola bar and yogurt every morning.

15. I really don’t know a thing about politics…I just pretend I do.

16. I worked at a Dairy Queen for six years and loved every minute of it. I sometimes wished I would have stuck with my plan and became the owner of that Dairy Queen.

17. I wish I could draw or paint or be some type of artist. I always thought that was cool.

18. Although I have absolutely no desire to go to New York, I would love to see a play on Broadway.

19. I am a homebody although I love to go on trips.

20. I am deathly afraid of being in a car crash.

21. I secretly wish I could learn to fly. Not in an airplane or any other contraption. Me, myself. I want to fly.

22. I eat M&M’s and Skittles by their colors and by even numbers. I eat either two or four at a time.

23. I won’t leave the house without eyeliner and mascara.

24. I love watching America’s Next Top Model and most other cheesy reality shows like those found on VH1.

25. I wish I could become a dancer.

One thought on “Random thoughts

  1. Tag! You’re it! I enjoy reading your blog, thus I’ve tagged you in a blogacize. It’s a great way to expose others to your blog and get to read the many diverse area voices. To read the rules, go to my blog: Keeping An Open Mind at http://www.areavoices.com/abrelamente/

    (I had you on my list before you shared your 25 random thoughts, so if you can’t come up with six quirks, I’ll understand!)


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