Falling off the wagon

Why did our friends have to bring so much food for our Super Bowl get-together? As is the tradition the last few years, we have been getting together with this couple for the big game. They got to our house on Saturday and are staying until Monday. They asked what they could bring and we told them to bring a couple of snacks. My husband made his famous chicken chili for the big game and we had chips and salsa and some other kind of dip and a few other goodies. Plenty, that was for sure.

Seriously. You wouldn’t believe what they walked in with…two bags of chips, a bag of Cheetos, a box of crackers, a big hunk of Jarlsberg cheese (my favorite), a big thing of summer sausage, three kinds of creamy-style dip, two types of salsa, a jar of peanuts, a couple different kinds of pop (not diet), some juice, the longest loaf of French bread I have ever seen and two large bags of homemade caramel puff corn. Yep. One of my favorite things. 

Right before supper on Saturday night (we were having steak and baked potatoes), they bring out one bag of chips and one of the dips. An appetizer. That was okay. I could stay away from it. Then, they also brought out the caramel corn. That was okay. I stayed away from it…

…until a little bit later when we started playing games. Then, I went nuts. I think I ate one of the bags all by myself. I couldn’t help myself. It was so good. I just kept shoveling it in. One piece after another and another and another. I felt kind of sick when I was done. I haven’t gorged like that in a long time. It felt good, but I felt like sh**. I think they wanted to sabotage me.

Well, they succeeded. 

Now for today, Sunday. It’s the big game and a big challenge for me. There is still tons of food left to eat. I hope I prevail. I hope I can stay away. Wish me luck.

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