Am I one of those people?

I had an awesome day today. As I mentioned before – or at least I think I did – I joined Weight Watchers. I joined the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, that’s right, it was right before the holidays. Some might say it was stupid. I say it was magnificent…brilliant, actually. It saved me from packing on another 10-15 pounds during the holiday eating or shall I say holiday bingeing time. I ate a few of my favorite treats, but I didn’t gorge myself on them like I usually do. 

So why was my day so great? I finally hit a total weight loss of 15 pounds. Well, actually, it was 15.2 pounds to be exact. Yahoo! To some, that may not sound like a big deal. To me, it meant the world. Now, I am just four pounds away from hitting my 10 percent goal. And, I am only 15 pounds away from my goal. I was and I still am ecstatic!

But, I also questioned the person I am becoming. I ate lunch today with a friend. She ordered her lunch and I ordered mine. I had a grilled pear salad that was supposed to have walnuts on it, along with some creamy, goopy poppyseed dressing and some goat cheese. As the waiter took our order, I said, "I will have the blah, blah, blah salad, but please no walnuts (it’s added fat that I didn’t need or want) and can I have the balsamic vinegar dressing instead (it’s less fatty than the creamy dressing)." I kept the cheese on the salad, but then scraped half of it off. Seriously, do you know how fattening cheese is? My friend ordered a salad, but let’s just say it wasn’t of the healthy variety. 

I felt kind of snotty. I’m not sure why, but I did. I thought to myself, "Oh no, am I becoming one of those people!" You know the kind. They snub their noses at "bad" food. They wouldn’t dare think about eating anything with the least bit of fat on or in it. They eat like birds. They exercise like crazy. They think they are fat, but they’re not.

But, then I remembered that I haven’t exercised for two weeks and tonight, I ate another piece of birthday cake. This time, it was marble with the real good, sugary sweet frosting. Nope, I’m not one of those people. I’m still real. I still eat bad food and don’t feel guilty or not as guilty about it. And the size of my jeans is a double digit number – and probably always will be.

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