Why can’t I lose weight?

The title of my blog is a question I myself have asked many times and one I hear on a regular basis. What I find very ironic about the question is that most often when it’s being asked, the person asking is either eating a big bag of Doritos or they just slathered on a thick layer of ranch dressing on their salad or they just got done consuming their third Mountain Dew or Coke for the morning.

Seriously, people. I have found over the years that if someone, like myself, wants to lose weight and keep it off, they need to change their eating habits. They, or I, can’t eat Twinkies everyday or a large bowl of ice cream everyday and expect to lose weight. It’s not gonna happen. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.

I’m not saying you and I have to give up all the good stuff, but eating Cheetos for breakfast everyday isn’t going to work anymore. Eating a salad is healthy. Eating a salad with a big gob of ranch dressing or any other creamy-style dressing, along with bacon bits, cheese and croutons is not healthy. Not by any means. It’s actually amazing the amount of calories and fat that’s packed into a healthy-looking salad. You’d be surprised.

Did you know that one tablespoon of ranch dressing has 73 calories and nearly 8 grams of fat. Most people put at least three or four tablespoons of dressing on their salad. A tablespoon of the fat-free kind has only 17 calories and about .5 grams of fat. Do the math. Which one would you choose?

I know what you are thinking, the fat-free kind doesn’t taste as good. Well, here’s a simple solution, especially if you like the Hidden Valley Ranch brand of dressing. Take a container of fat-free sour cream and mix it with a packet of the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing dry seasoning mix. This is good. Really good. And it is not nearly as fattening as the real stuff. There are also so many other healthier options out there, but you have to want to change. Otherwise, the "good" stuff is always going to taste bad. 

Yesterday, I was given a great quote by a friend…."Nothing tastes as good, as looking good feels!" That about sums it up right there.

2 thoughts on “Why can’t I lose weight?

  1. I used to think fat people were idiots until I got a hypothyroid. It slows down your metabolism, makes you tired, and makes you gain weight.
    Now my staple food is lettuce. Seriously, all I eat is vegetables, ridiculously small amounts of whole grains, and low sugar fruits like grapefruit. Probably the healthiest teenager on the planet.
    When I eat rice, pasta, oatmeal, nuts, chinese food, sweets, or “normal food” (even in small quantities) my weight reflects it. My mom is amazed that my body can gain weight when almost all I eat is vegetables.
    Think about deer. And bunnies. This is random, but have you ever considered that deer live on nothing but grass? Likewise, not all people need many calories, but there are people like Michael Phelps who do. PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT!
    I think you are being a little bit judgemental of people who struggle with their weight. It’s not like all fat people sit around eating potato chips and twinkies. Normal overweight people still have discipline or they’d be obese. And people who are overweight often have stressful, busy, or demanding lives and schedules. I weigh 115 and am 5’3. I am not fat, but let me tell you: if you do not struggle with your weight YOU ARE LUCKY.


  2. i think there is some crazy number ou tterhe in baby land that a pregant woman should onl consume 300 more calories a day during her pregnacy , crazy i know with cravings and supoorting anthour human life . I know with my second i just ate tons of vegtables and fruit instead of chips and all the other goodies i could have killed for ,(ok i wasnt great at the will power all the time ) it helped alot that my child hated for me to consume even a speck of my beloved chocolate but i CRAVED ice cream like a mad woman > so my deal was no bad snacks during the day and i kept them all out of the house . and i could eat ice cream after dinner . sometimes a bowl was fine some times more but i didnt feel gulity because i was packing my day with veggies ( have i touched a carrot since not really ) but than the min she was born hershey kisses found their way back into my life . With a stroke of luck and alot of restrnght i only gained about 10 lbs , insane i know but i also think it had tons to do with the constant puking i did for 5 months with morning sickness. Use common sense , moderate , excersise abit ( which i am sure you run maratons around the house with the first . besides you might just be to busy this time around with baby number 1 that you wont have time to get larger with baby number two. but than again all those muscles will strech faster because they were already laxed . oh the irony . Good luck and congrats on your children . I might not have been a help , but good luck


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