A profound thought

Yesterday, my 15-year-old son hit the nail on the head, "How come when I am just sitting here, I want to eat. I’m not hungry, but I feel like eating a bowl of Fruit Loops." Bingo! I explained that when people are bored, they want to eat because it gives them something to do. He didn’t eat the bowl of Fruit Loops. He didn’t eat anything. We talked instead.

I don’t how many times a day I walk to the refrigerator, open it up, stare blankly inside, waiting for something to jump out and say, "Eat me!" Every time I look inside, it’s always the same food. Nothing changes. Nothing jumps out at me. But sometimes I eat something anyway and sometimes I don’t…I find something to do instead.

This has become a habit. If I am bored, I want to eat. I scrounge around the kitchen opening not just the refrigerator, but the cupboards, as well. I don’t think I even notice exactly what’s in the cupboards or refrigerator, I literally just stare right through them. If there were Twinkies, however, or something else sinfully good for me, that’s easy to open and pop in my mouth without much effort, I can guarantee I would eat it. Or chocolate or candy or ice cream or cake or cookies or anything else that would immediately find its way to my hips, I would devour it without much thought. 

That is why for right now, while I am on the path to a more healthy lifestyle, I am choosing not to have that stuff in our house.

I don’t know how many times the three of us (my son, husband and myself) would sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and eat almost an entire half-gallon of ice cream. I know there were a couple of times, my husband and I would eat the entire container by ourselves. We would sit down with our spoons and a container of something oh-so-chocolately, ooey-gooey and nutty and polish it off without giving it a second thought. Most often, I would have a container of Cool Whip sitting right next to me, eating that at the same time. Oh, those were the good ol’ days.

We haven’t done that now for about six months. Thank God!

But nothing says I won’t ever do it again.

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