Loathing skinny women

Why do skinny people have it so easy? Or do they…really?

I once worked with a girl who ate like a bird and exercised like mad. I hated her. Not literally, but I hated that she made it look so easy to pass up the cake, the cookies and anything else loaded with ooey-gooey calories. And she talked about exercise like I talked about shopping. She loved it. But, was she really happy being stick thin and living a life obsessed with her health? I honestly don’t know. Did she secretly long for a whopping bowl of ice cream drenched in chocolatey goodness and heavenly whip cream? I know I did. Especially when she rubbed her thinness in my face…or at least that’s how I took it. I think that people who wish they were thinner, not necessarily skinny, but happy about their weight, obsess over those who make being a size 6 and smaller look so easy. But, I don’t think heavier people – myself include – know what it’s really like to be them. And vice versus. I don’t think thinner people know what it is truly like for those who have an obsession with food.

Once, this good friend of mine – who is like half my size – was complaining about her weight. She wasn’t happy with the weight she put on. And although I thought she looked divine and would kill to have a body like hers, she didn’t like the way she looked. Deep inside, my size 14 body wanted to strangle the crap out of her. But then, she said something that made me want to give her the biggest bear hug in the world. She told me she was jealous of me. YES, that is right. Me and my curves. She is stick thin, but she doesn’t necessarily have a shape. And, I definitely do. She actually thought I had a nice body. Miss Skinny Pants, who can fit into any clothes she wants, was jealous of me and my hourglass, curvaceous, wiggly, jiggly body. Whoa!

But, she made me realize that skinny people are not always happy. Just because they weigh next to nothing, doesn’t mean that they don’t struggle – just like I – and so many others – do. It made me stop and think, once again, of that old saying, "You can’t judge a book by its cover."

How true.

4 thoughts on “Loathing skinny women

  1. Ok, So are you sure you aren’t secretly reading my thoughts as well? I find your blog fantastic! I really can relate and am so thankful someone else out there is going thru the same types of things. Thank you for putting it out there for the world to see.


  2. Great blog! You are very brave. I wish I had your courage to write about my problems. If you call yourself “fat girl” my nickname should be “flat girl” — I wear a size 4 or 6, sometimes even a 2, and have the awesome (what a joke) body of a BOY! Thank you for giving the “skinny girl” at least a bit of a break. Maybe some day I’ll get the courage to share what it’s like on this side of the mirror.


  3. Not all thin women have it easy. Most of us work our asses off to look like we do. Do you notice an extra 5 pounds? When you weigh 120 pounds that extra 5 is an additional pants size. It is not as easy as it looks


  4. I enjoy your blog. Just to let you know, I am one of those skinny girls but I have an eating disorder. On the outside I look like I have it all together but on the inside I’m pretty messed up. I am very jealous of anybody who doesn’t have issues with food or their body. I think it’s sad that people will look at an overweight person and think they’re lazy or have no willpower, but will look at me and go “What’s your secret?” So I guess what I’m saying is keep up the good work and try to focus on being HEALTHY vs. being SKINNY.


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