The Beginning

I’ve been obsessed with food since…birth!

Seriously, why does food – bad and good for you – taste so yummy?

My story starts before and after my son was born. Pre-pregnancy, I shifted between sizes 6 and 8, and I never really gave dieting and exercising much thought. This was who I was and I really didn’t have to worry. I maintained without much effort. Exercise? Not me. I thought I was just blessed with an awesome metabolism. But after my son was born, all that changed. I have now fluctuated between sizes 10, 12 and 14…mostly staying between 12 and 14. 

Oh, did I mention my son is a 15-year-old middle school freshman? Yes, that’s right, 15 years of struggling with numbers on a scale, clothing that doesn’t always ever fit right, desires to eat an entire cake at one time and the lack of enthusiasm for working up a sweat.

I have tried dozens of diets and walked, ran and lifted until I was blue in the face…literally. You try packing on 50 pounds and then exercising without losing your breath. It’s hard. Really hard.

Well, I am at it again. Trying something else. But this time, I am determined beyond words. I am tired of riding the weight roller coaster. I am tired of wiggling and jiggling in all the wrong places. And I am tired of taking out my fat clothes. I want to feel normal good, eat normal healthy and maintain a weight that makes me feel good about myself, not the weight society thinks I should be.

Please join me on this journey. It is going to be a honest look into how one person deals with the day-to-day struggles of eating, exercise and emotions.

I guarantee it will be a wild mild ride!

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