I, Ms. Fat Girl*, am new to this blogging thing, so please be patient while my site is starting up. I will be making frequent changes until I am satisfied with how it looks. Thanks for checking it out and please keep coming back. I promise I will try not to disappoint you.

*The name "Fat Girl" is not meant to be derogatory. At a very low point in my life, I needed a username or password for something and at the time, that is how I felt, like a fat girl. The name kind of stuck…and plus, it reminds me of Batman. You know the theme song, "Da na na na na na na na na BATMAN!" It kind of makes me think that I am a superhero!

One thought on “Note:

  1. You are one brave girl. I have been struggling with my weight since high school… what a horrible experience it was!! I lost thirty pounds last summer, gained it all back and now trying to lose it again. If you need support, you have mine. I know how extremely “sucky” (sorry, I couldn’t think of a better word!!) it can be. Good luck and keep us updated. Who knows, maybe you’ll give me the inspiration I need to keep going. 🙂


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